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An emission free solution to your last mile problems

Hail are a leading provider of short journey transport solutions that are designed for today and future urban environemnts.

Why mobilise cumbersome vans or trucks weighing more than 1.5 tonnes to transport a hundred kilograms over short distances.

The world is changing…

Dynamic Transport

Hail designs efficiency with journeys optimised to take advantage of infrastructure changing to meet environmental targets. Using cycle lanes, low traffic neighbourhoods, and pedestrian zones we achieve a range of 40km per battery charge to give you unrivalled delivery options

Leading Edge Design

Based on e-trike platforms that are modular.

Choose from Passenger, Cargo, and Flat bed vehicles.

All designed to automotive standards using recycled materials.

or a Van?

Our vehicles are designed to replace vans and cars for high pedestrian areas to cover first and last mile journeys.

Moving people or products, the inherent flexibility in each design are future proof.


100% environmentally friendly

Our e-trikes do not emit any CO2! It is estimated that one e-trike prevents the emission of more than a tonne of CO2 per year. They are far more environmentally friendly than any other electric vehicle as they barely consume any energy.

Energy efficient

This feat is rendered possible by the vehicle’s great lightness and an optimised efficiency. Thanks to the electric assistance, the driver can comfortably transport up to 150 kg without any effort or sound. A true showcase of your eco approach!

Upscale your business

Hit net zero carbon targets immediately and enhance your company image by using our emission free delivery solution. With their unique design, market your company and optimise your journeys as a mobile billboard

Reconfiguring transport solutions for today and tomorrow