Our Mission


In the coming months we want to see the majority of delivery vans on our streets replaced by zero-emission e-trikes

Reducing pollution and congestion will bring health benefits and improved quality of life.

We are starting with Coventry and will then expand nationally to other cities and towns with high-density urban populations.

We are a socially responsible business.

We will show that success is not measured by profit alone; and that doing the best for all stakeholders (our clients, our staff, and the wider community) and operating a profitable business, need not be mutually exclusive aspirations.

  • To encourage widespread use of e-trikes as a last-mile delivery method.
  • To move people safely in a sustainable manner
  • To offer to grocers and retailers an environmentally and financially sustainable alternative to fossil-fuelled vehicles when making B2C deliveries in high-density  urban areas.
  • To reduce inner city pollution levels by reducing the number of fossil-fuelled vehicles on the road.
  • To raise awareness of the true environmental and social costs of the decisions we make, and to provide the means by which the public can influence the decisions grocers and retailers make on the products and services they offer.
  • To promote the benefits of cycling and cycling proficiency.
  • To show that a fairly treated and fully employed workforce is not a barrier to profitability.
  • To increase society’s awareness of the environmental and social issues we all face, and to inspire the communities within which our hubs operate to contribute to solutions that address these issues.


We aim to inspire and motivate the communities in which we operate through the provision of facilities that enable them to make choices that will have a positive impact on the quality of our environment.

We value the contributions made by all of our stakeholders; be that input from our clients and their customers, our employees, or the communities we operate in.

Our Hubs will become more than the sum of their parts. They are a fundamental part of our commercial business model, but they also serve as community assets. Our zero emission vehicles and servicing facilities will be made available to local authorities, SMEs, social enterprises and individuals living or working nearby.

Our Hubs along with the experts and facilities within will be accessible to local schools, encouraging students to explore environmental issues and develop solutions; we’ll also offer work experience placements to students that demonstrate an interest in urban logistics. We will partner with charities operating in the wider cycle sector, making bike maintenance facilities available to community, youth and mental health support services and to charities working to support refugees and asylum-seekers and help them into employment.

We believe anyone and everyone can make a difference, and a fundamental part of our ethos is to encourage our employees to think about what they want to achieve in life and support them in trying to attain their goals – by fostering a sense of community amongst our riders, by inviting them to explore or develop new skills, by facilitating access to training or support services and by encouraging them to be creative in thinking about what they can bring to the business.

We do not believe in underutilisation of resources. If someone else can make use of something when we no longer can then we will pass it on; if something is not being used to its full capacity, we will find a way to increase its use or make it available to others to ensure its full utilisation; if our stakeholders have talents they would like to explore or skills/knowledge and experience they wish to develop or share, then where we’re able we’ll help them to achieve this.

We might not all be equal in economic terms, but we are all made equal in our ability to contribute to society and bring about positive change in our communities.

We’re all in this together