Why Work For Us?

As we grow, we're looking for staff as passionate as us about changing the environment we live in.

We fervently believe we will make a difference to our city by promoting positive values that have true environmental purpose.

Micromobility sits at the intersection of a growing need, a changing culture, and the right enabling environment of electric & digital revolutions
Current transport is responsible for ~30% of the EU’s CO2 emissions, 72% of that from road.
Poor air quality, particularly in Urban areas is becoming an urgent and recognised issue.
Peak road congestion has been worsening, costing billions of £s and hours of efficiency every year (…plus COVID-19 has somewhat accelerated things)
The trend for fewer younger people to posses a driving license and car is accelerating (peaked ~1994)
In that time, cycling rates have barely changed, with some increase in public transport use, but globally the use of new Micromobility modes (predominantly escooters) are growing significantly.

All of these support the development of low traffic neighbourhoods (LTN’S) and the 15 minute walkable community. If you have a passion for change or interested to learn, then we want to hear from you.

We only have one planet and we need to start to take better care of it.