Private Hire Taxi riders required to join our fast-growing fleet!

We are Hailservices a new face on the Taxi scene with grand plans to change the way we supply services with our fresh green model. Our e-bikes have the capacity to carry two passengers operating in the centre of Coventry.

We are looking for enthusiastic, experienced bicycle riders to join our fleet of electric Pedicab riders for a busy new operation in Coventry.

Zero Emissions, not Zero Hours

From the start our company ethos has been to put the rider first and foremost – and that is reflected not only in the wages we offer and think riders deserve, but also in the belief that we can offer every rider the skills and training to develop themselves and have a career with us in the future.

  • We don’t do “gig economy” or zero hours contracts – we offer full employment, with paid holidays, and guaranteed shifts each week
  • We provide everything you need to ride with us – no bike maintenance costs, no insurance fees, no equipment or uniform to buy or rent.
  • Not just a rider – from service technician to IT support to management roles – if there are skills you want to improve or explore with us, we can make it happen and develop your role at
  • Once qualified, you will receive a set hourly wage plus all commissions – we expect you will earn £10.50 – £11 an hour. But as work gets busier and together, we improve our efficiency, it should be possible to increase this to £12.50 and beyond.
  • We will supply a work phone, uniform, and the chance to have equity in the company after an initial work period.
  • We also pay 20% extra for anti-social hours by working early mornings and weekends

What type of Licence? – In all cases you will need a Private Hire licence issued by Coventry Council. 

  • If you have not held a PH driver’s licence in Coventry or you have but it expired more than six months ago, you will need to apply for a ‘First Grant’ licence. Please refer to the section ‘Applying for a First Grant Licence’ which explains how to apply for a licence
  • If you hold a current PH driver’s licence, (i.e. your licence has not expired), you need to apply for a ‘Renewal’ licence.
  • If you have held a PH driver’s licence but it has been expired for 6 months or less, you need to apply for a ‘Re-Grant’ licence. 
  • If you have held a PH driver’s licence but it expired more than 6 months ago, you need to apply for a ‘First Grant’ licence.
  • If you hold a current HC driver’s licence and wish to apply for a PH driver’s licence you need to apply for an ‘Additional’ licence. 

Applying for a First Grant Licence

All applicants will have to apply either via Hailservices, or directly to the Taxi Licensing Office at Whitley.

  • you must have been authorised to drive a car in the UK (e.g. held a full driving licence issued by a state in the European Economic Area) for a minimum of one year and hold a current DVLA UK photocard style driver’s licence.
  • Have lived in the UK for a continuous period of 5 years. If you have not lived in the UK for 5 years you will be asked to supply additional documents. 
  • Apply for an online DBS (CRB) enhanced disclosure. 
  • Apply for a DVLA Driving entitlement enquiry. 
  • Attend for a short interview with an officer at the Taxi Licensing Office (TLO).
  • Attend a one-day ‘Driver Training Course’ and pass a test at the end of the course.
  • Your Communication & Numeracy will also be tested on this  vehicle.
  • Pass a medical.
  • Pay the fees e.g. Licence Application, Licence Issue, DBS disclosure, DVLA Driving entitlement enquiry, Driver Training Course, Road Knowledge Test, Driving Tests and Medical. (Hail will assist with this)