Pedicab FAQs

Are Hail Pedicabs insured?

Yes. All Hail Pedicabs are fully insured.

 They all have Public & Products Liability, including liability to passengers.

Are Hail cab riders pre-checked?

Yes. All Hail riders are, and will continually be, DBS pre-checked in line with Coventry Council licensing policy and guidelines.

Do you take cash payments?

No. To ensure the safety and security of both our passengers and our drivers, Hail is a cashless service. Payment is taken via the app from your chosen payment card. 

Where does Hail operate?

Our hub  is based at The Swift Cycle Works in Mile Lane, Coventry. We operate our service within the ring road boundary and use Broadgate as the centre point for all of our rides

How much does it cost?

Our short journeys are priced fairly, based on mileage and a set-rate booking fee. An estimated fare will always be given to you upfront.

£5.00 Booking fee for 1km
£0.50 Per additional km

What happens if I cancel?

We know things change, and we don’t punish you for it. So you can cancel a trip at any time through the Hail app, but may be charged a cancellation fee of £3. This makes up for the time and effort our drivers spend getting to your location.

Tour FAQs

What is a Hail Tour?

A Hail cab is a safe and unique eco-transport to experience Coventry city centre  Landmarks. 

Is Hail Covid secure? 

Your Hail rider is seated in front of you and where required will wear a mask.  The rider will wear a mask when face to face with you. Each Pedicab can carry 2 passengers, so you will only be with your chosen companion or on your own. After each tour the Pedicabs are wiped down with antibacterial wipes

What do I need to bring for my Hail Tour? 

  • Your rider will need to see the email confirmation received as proof of purchase.
  • Where available we will issue audio cards that have pre recorded guides to enhance your experience and can be played directly from your mobile phone
  • We would also recommend your personal headphone(s) to clearly hear the commentary. 

Do I have to cycle the Hail Pedicab? 

No. Your trained Hail Rider will operate the Pedicab and safely take you on your preferred tour. 

Where do I meet my Hail Tour driver? 

All tours commence from Broadgate, Coventry, CV1 1FS

If you are staying at our partner hotel, Coventry Ibis Centre, we can arrange and drop off there with no additional charge

 Where does the Veluba Tour end? 

The tours end back at Broadgate

How long is a Hail Tour? 

Please allow approximately 1 hour. 

What if I have to change or cancel my booked Hail Tour? 

We have a cancellation policy. We will help you to re-arrange your tour to a preferred date and time. Please contact us directly on info@hailservices.co.uk

What if Government guidelines change around Covid restrictions? 

Every Hail Tour is valid for 1 year from date of purchase. If a tour is booked and guidelines change, you will be eligible to postpone, re-book or receive a full refund. 

Is there a combined maximum weight limit?

Hail use pedal-powered, electrically assisted cabs, so due to the ‘human power’ nature of a Pedicab we have a maximum weight of 200kg.