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Changing Mobility

"From 30 years in automotive our vision was clear to create transformation and change in micromobility. From areas of high density to business and industrial demand, we wanted to offer a green solution that put people and the environment first."

So we began...

by focusing on people and products in ways that are sustainable, energy efficient, cost effective, safe, and easy to use, our range of vehicles with a common platform allow us to cover the needs of transport and logistics.

From short journey taxi to moving, food, cargo, or recycling, the applications are endless.


Hail's Founders

Hail’s founders are UK pioneers in emobility solutions.

Keith Higham has held directorships at global tier 1 companies and has led development and launch of some of the worlds most iconic vehicles including, Jaguar, Landrover, Aston Martin, Nissan, Mercedes, and Ford.

Stuart Palmer has successfully run a number of businesses focusing on bio diversity and maintains a growing accountancy company that favours customers with a net zero carbon approach.

Lee Miles ran his own events & security company for over 20 years, specialising in the planning & logistics of national events such as Radio 1 Big Weekend.

They are together in Coventry which is still the heart of transport design to drive forward a vision to rethink and reshape modern urban transportation.

The final piece of the jigsaw came with Gerald Levy who has spent the last 20 years focusing on the design of pedal powered vehicles.

Ground-breaking emission free transportation

Hailservices is a Coventry based e-mobility company introducing vehicles that combine the flexibility of a bike with the capacity and durability of automotive design.

Based on a e-trike modular platform, we offer environmentally friendly, urban, industrial, and service solutions for logistics that are designed to offer emission free transportation for today and the future demands of tomorrow.

Smart design and leading technology

Hail pays attention in the design and selection of components.

This guarantees durability and years of practical use.

We place a key focus on ergonomics with our leading seat adjust system, through to simple easy to reach controls to the rider. All with leading quality.

Pricing and servicing

Our customers want choice. From single payment to a variety of contract models we offer flexibility to suit everybody from start ups to established fleet buyers.

Our class leading service and maintenance allows time sensitive logistics not to be compromised with vehicles supplied whilst we maintain your fleet, ensuring no delays to your business.

On top of this we offer a unique insurance package through Laka who specialise in our sector.

Sector leading quality standards

You can rely on Hail delivering the right product for you.

Backed up with two years manufacturing warranty and spare parts delivered within 72 hours, we offer an all round service to keep you mobile.