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Bikes for Business

“Hail” the perfect business tool for the city centre and urban areas.

Whether you are a sole trader or running lots of vehicles, we offer flexibility and a proven route to net zero and sustainability to suit your business.

Plumber, electrician, carpenter, technical maintenance company, repairman.

For emergency or scheduled work, many of you work with customers in cities, town, and busy urban areas

Accessing these areas by truck or van is becoming increasingly complex, even for electric vehicles:

  • Difficult traffic at rush hour,
  • Low emission zone in metropolitan areas,
  • Parking difficulty
  • Increase in the price of fuel and energy in general

Switching to a professional Hail e-trike is an excellent solution!
Less bulky and less expensive than a classic utility vehicle, it will be your ideal ally to easily reach your points of intervention and your sites.
Not to mention that a good number of interventions do not require transporting more than 100kg of material.
It’s time to replace your old van with a Hail cargo bike!
Hail Freight or Utility, the most versatile cargo bikes for your business solutions


We can help you spread the cost of a Hail bike and any accessories through our range of finance solutions.

We are members of the Association of Cycle Traders (ACT) and buying a bike doesn’t have to involve the initial cash outlay that you might imagine. There are a range of APR’s available from 0% APR to 15.9% APR and the duration of the loans vary from 6 months up to 48 months. Interest rates, terms and the products available will vary at point of application.

Locally within Coventry you can trade in your old  van and receive up to £3,000 towards your Hail bike.

A loading volume of 1m3 with perfectly rational dimensions, without any wasted space.
An impressive payload of up to 150kg + driver, more than enough to carry a large number of tools and equipment.
Almost endless layout possibilities : toolbox, drawers, retractable shelf, lockers. Everything finds its place in a Hail cargo bike, without having to bend down or twist thanks to the vertical format of the trunk.
Optimal security thanks to the BlockShaft lock. Ideal if you are carrying valuable equipment such as power tools.
Thanks to large body surfaces that can be fully personalised in your branding, you will be able to develop your reputation and advertise on the go.

Benefits for Fleet Sales

Benefits for Fleet Sales
Less delay on interventions
Similar to a 2-wheeler, the Hail vehicles can take cycle paths and pedestrian areas.
It allows you not to get stuck in traffic and to arrive on time for your appointments.
New recruitments possible
No need for a permit to ride a cargo bike. You can then recruit profiles of younger craftsmen who do not always have a driver’s license.
Savings for your business
Less expensive to buy than a van or truck, you will save significant sums on fuel costs, insurance, maintenance and possible fines.

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